If you can see this, that means you've either resized the window, or you're currently viewing SOULBYTE on your phone (most likely case). You've probably already noticed, but there isn't much going on, and that's entirely by design! Sorry, I don't really care to let you see my site. In fact, I vehemently oppose the notion that sites should be welcoming to mobile users, so I've completely stripped away the ability to view any piece of my site on mobile to begin with. Making my website mobile-friendly would be entirely antithetical to the old web nature of my site and Neocities as a whole, which is why I haven't bothered in the first place, and struggle to sympathize with those who do.

The popularization of internet usage on phones was what killed the internet so many moons ago, and is part of the reason why the people and content alike on Web 2.0 are as insufferable as they are. Tiktok, Twitter, Instagram... they wouldn't have been able to become the pillars of the internet if it weren't for your everyday mobile user. They have gentrified the web with takes so nuclear that the radioactive wave of their retardation has affected almost every corner of the entire internet, and SOULBYTE just so happens to be my bunker underground. I'm sorry to anyone who is strictly mobile bound who might not have access to a computer who wanted to view my site; this is just the way it has to be. It's my prerogative to deny mobile users access to my site, so that's what I've done. And if you hate it or disagree with me, then get bent.

uploaded the index!

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a chrysalis is a home

SOULBYTE is a self improvement project, curated and maintained by its webmaster, Nephos. Please be patient, as the owner and site alike are undergoing constant metamorphosis.

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scented // mermaid scale

MAR. 13 // Complete rehaul of my index! Looks a lot prettier now.

MAR. 9 // Added a diary entry. Started coding my spirituality page and spruced up the index. More index shenanigans are to come!

MAR. 8 // Happy international women's day! ♀️ Progress on my feminism page has begun.